Black Swan 21pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set


A 21-piece brush designed by professional makeup artists for professional makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts, beauty lovers and creatives everywhere.

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Eigshow was born in 2013 by a group of industry professionals from NYC with the obsession to create innovative, high quality makeup brushes and tools for professional Makeup Artists, makeup enthusiasts, beauty lovers and creatives everywhere.

The Black Swan Series is a 21-piece brush set with following specifications:

Bristle: Vegan synthetic fibre
Handle: Solid wooden handle
Ferrule: Aluminium Alloy

Brush Descriptions

#1 Large Powder Brush
A powder brush has light, fluffy bristles that aren’t densely packed like a foundation brush. It’s designed to be used with pressed or loose powder products, like setting powder, finishing powder, powder foundation, or powder highlighter.

#2 Blush Brush
This brush is designed to add some colour and brightness to your skin. Sweeping motions, Start at the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards toward your ears.

#3 Slanted Foundation Brush
The foundation brush is a unique slanted shape so that you can apply liquid foundation with the full coverage of a paddle brush and with the blending abilities of an airbrush.

#4 Highlight Brush
This brush makes for the perfect highlighting tool. For glowing skin, use it to lightly dust powdered highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

#5 Square Foundation Brush
A large, flat, square-shaped synthetic-fibre brush with a fine firm edge for even distribution and blending of liquid, emulsion or cream products on the face or body. The square shape allows for more control over the level of coverage, which enables the flexibility to work on applying and building ultra-sheer layers.

#6 Nose Shadow Brush
The brush head is the perfect shape for accessing awkward areas of the face like the sides of the nose, inner corners of the eye, and beneath the eyebrow. Use the brush to apply shade to both sides of the nose and blend to enhance the shape of your nose with subtle emphasis.

#7 Fluffy Blending Brush
Tapered crease brush gives it the versatility either to be used on the flat side for shading or to use the fullness of the tip for seamless blending.

#8 Pro Eyeshadow Brush
Its square shape and slightly rounded edges effectively provide a complete application of colour to the eyelid with lighter shades for a base. When using this brush you get the most out of your eyeshadow. As it glides smoothly onto your eyelid, you will see that colour stay exactly where they are and with even coverage.

#9 Large Blending Brush
This multipurpose brush’s soft, long fibres expertly blend and lightly apply a range of eyeshadow formulas. Use to apply your favourite eyeshadow all over the eyelid or to add a subtle highlight or dusting of shimmer.

#10 Eyeshadow Primer Brush
This brush is designed to evenly blend shadow primer or cream shadows onto lids. It allows you to create a soft, smooth lid surface and can even be used with your under-eye concealer as well.

#11 Blending Brush
A blending brush is used to blend eyeshadow for a smooth transition between colours and to create a cohesive look.

#12 Eyeshadow Smudge Brush
A smudge brush is perfect for applying, and smudging, dense bursts of colour Whether you use it to blend in a kohl liner or heavily pigmented shadow, a smudge brush can help you apply colour where you want it without a mess.

#13 Small Blending Brush
Best used for applying intense colour to the crease or to add depth to the outer crease using darker shades.

#14 Eyeshadow Brush
It softens any harsh eyeshadow lines and is perfect for creating a wash of colour on the eyes.

#15 Precise Blending Brush
Swirl this brush over a powder face highlighter, tap off the excess, then lightly blend the brush over the tops of your cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow, and anywhere else the light naturally hits your face.

#16 Small Smudge Brush
Smudges out your cream eyeliner, pushes eyeshadow straight into your lash line, and helps you precisely blend beneath your lashes. When the other brushes are too big or too fluffy, grab this stiff, dense, tapered brush—especially if you plan to do a smokey eye or any hazy, blended-out shadow.

#17 Angled Eyeshadow Brush
Its flexible angled tip provides sheer to medium coverage on your lids, making it ideal for blending or sheering out shadow. Use it to apply colour across your lids or to blend into your crease with ease.

#18 Lip Brush
Sweep the brush over the tip of your lipstick and sketch along your natural lip line. Reload the brush and carefully fill in the rest to finish

#19 Angled Eyeliner Brush
This brush is angled to hug the shape of the eye and is ideal for creating a variety of looks. It can be used to draw precise thin lines, smudge, or to create a classic cat-eye.

#20 Precise Concealer Brush
The small brush head reaches all of the nooks and crannies of your face, while the fluffy bristles lay down more concentrated pigment than your fingers. Ideal for targeting small, specific areas that you want concealed.

#21 Duo Brush
This brush has a Professional Grade angled brow brush for shaping and defining eyebrows on one side, and a high-quality spoolie for grooming and blending brows on the other side for a soft, natural-looking finish.

Bristle: Vegan synthetic fibre
Handle: Solid wooden handle
Ferrule: Aluminium Alloy


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