Makeup For Photography

Mastering multi-dimensional skin with Danessa Myricks

A 6 Hour Look & Learn Intensive Masterclass Deep Dives Into Creating Successful Strategies For Designing Skin Strategically For Red Carpet, Editorial, Film & TV!

Approach Skin With Confidence. Danessa Myricks Masterclass Will Teach You The Variables That Go Into Constructing Your Makeup Application Strategically Based On Skin Type, Skin Tone, Age, The Purpose Of The Application, Lighting Environments, And So Much More.

The “How” And “Why” With A Clear Step-By-Step Strategy To Creating A Perfect Complexion Application Every Time.

Meet the Magician

Danessa empowers artists to master a multi-dimensional strategy in their makeup application. The skills and techniques imparted at her masterclass are an essential asset for artists to produce robust and impactful beauty looks and images. Manipulating both texture and tone to shade and shape, Danessa skillfully shares her methods for bringing both natural and bold looks to life.

What you will experience:

  • Building dimension from the base up
  • Balancing and shaping the face
  • Layering varying textures and finishes to amplify shape
  • Unleashing “the power of three” Multiple ways to create irresistible glowing effects to the skin
  • After each demonstration danessa will photograph the model live and share all her tips and tricks!
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