Pro Travel Makeup Case With Clear Lid


An eco-conscious, customisable, palm-sized magnetic Makeup Case with the ability to accommodate multiple types and brands of makeup.


Simplicity is the new luxury! And, save time and increase your on set touch-up efficiency! The MYO Pro Travel Case is an eco-conscious, customisable Makeup Case, a game-changer for Makeup Artists.

Use at home, for travel, on-the-go and on-set for Professional Makeup Artists (made in Canada).

Designed and used by Professional Makeup Artists globally (as an on-set touch up tool) assisting to make-up faster, safer and more efficiently. It’s the perfect palm-sized customisable magnetic case (palette) with the ability to accommodate multiple types and brands of makeup – refill pan, pencil, powder and MYO Makeup Pods for creams, gels and liquids. Plus, you can add makeup accessories.

For non-Makeup Artists, maximise your makeup routine by reducing the clutter from your makeup bag/pouch and curate a full look in one case. Use at home, the gym, at work or when you travel. Reduce cosmetic packaging waste by purchasing makeup refill options. And, finally, use MYO Makeup Pods that hold small and travel size amounts of liquids, creams, gels.

The clear lid makes it easy to identify the content of your makeup case.

Key Features

  • Lightweight in your Makeup Kit – less weight on your shoulders/back
  • Designed to hold multiple types of makeup
  • Secure spring latch
  • Large lightweight, quality mirror
  • Case is made of food grade material
  • Only-of-its-kind non-porous, strong magnetic base
  • Durable, shock-absorbent materials
  • Gasket design
    • to keep spills inside the case, not in your bag
    • made of hypoallergenic medical material
    • ergonomically designed for a comfortable thumb hold
  • Gasket colour options
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Ice Blue
    • Pink
  • Refill/reuse for each production, photo shoot, and backstage for theatre/Fashion Week

Clean with soap or water or micellar water.

L: 14.2cm
W: 9.2cm
H: 1.2cm


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