Makeup Brush Set (11 pcs)


A collection of essential tools to create unlimited makeup looks. An ideal collection for schools teaching makeup.

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The Infinite Brush Set is a collection of essential tools to create unlimited makeup looks and is ideal for schools teaching makeup. This stylish set is comprised of 11 dark beauties.

24.5 x 15.2 x 10.2 CM

Infinite Makeup Brushes are 17.8 CM in total length

Luxury synthetic goat & squirrel blend made in Germany & USA


  • Custom made sustainable wood handle dipped in grey lacquer;
  • Ferrule: Aluminium/Silver

Key Features Infinite Makeup Brush Set
Hematite Collection includes 11 different brush styles (for detailed description, please refer to “How To” section):

  • #1   Powder Dome
  • #2   Blush Fibre Duo
  • #3 Contour Angle
  • #4 Crease Brush
  • #5 Deposit Brush
  • #6 Silky Foundation
  • #7 Silky Concealer
  • #8 Silky Lip
  • #9 Angled Brush
  • #10 Small Crease Brush
  • #11 Precision Eyeliner Brush


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#1   Powder Dome
Luxuriously shaped beauty tool with the softest yet strongest synthetic fibres available. This makeup brush was designed to produce superior blending and seamless application of powder cosmetics.

#2   Blush Fibre Duo
Luxuriously shaped and primed with the softest yet strongest synthetic fibres available. This beauty is fashioned with 2 gorgeous fibres to produce dual-action blending and seamless application of cream and powder makeup.

#3   Contour Angle
Luxuriously angled beauty tool designed to produce seamless blended contour and the application of powder cosmetics.

#4   Crease Brush
The best brush for contouring the eyes. Designed with the softest faux squirrel fibres available to modern technology. Perfect makeup brush to compliment the eye socket (contouring the crease) with creme or powder eye shadows and is used on its side to pack on colour.

#5   Deposit Brush
A small dense fluffy brush that allows to deposit colour to buff with its tip produces a shading effect to soften edges and transitions.

#6   Silky Foundation
A shapely makeup brush that was created with longer fibres to enable flexibility and bounce for stippling and laying out creme and liquid foundations. Ideal for face or body.

#7   Silky Concealer
A sleek shapely concealing brush uniquely designed to target small areas when concealing is required. Perfect for cream and liquid foundation on the face or body.

#8   Silky Lip
Intentionally designed to add ease in shaping the lip with its cupids bow shaped tip. It can alternatively be used to conceal small areas of the face.

#9   Angled Brush
Perfect for shaping brows and, because of the perfect vegan fibre, it is soft enough to shade the lower lash line. This is a multi-purpose tool no kit should be without.

#10 Small Crease Brush
Absolutely the most important brush to cut the crease of the eye and shade the lower lash.

#11 Precision Eyeliner Brush
The best brush to create graphic style with liquid eyeliner. It’s bent ferrule allows the artist to reach the inner corner of the eye.  Its unique shape works to align to the contours of the eye.

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