Metal Makeup Stickers



Transform your non-magnetic makeup pans and pods with these magnetic stickers and place them securely in any of our MYO cases.


These metal stickers allow you to organise your de-potted makeup. Simply peel off the back and stick them to the bottom of your non-metal makeup pans or MYO Pods. Peel off the protective blue film on the other side and they’re ready to go. Once the stickers are on, you can organise and store the makeup in your Companion Palette. They have a high-quality adhesive that sticks firmly to most surfaces, so you can be sure your makeup is secure.

The bigger the sticker, the stronger the magnetic stick.

Available sizes:

  • Stickers 22mm (20 pcs)
  • Stickers 32mm (20 pcs)
  • Stickers 44mm (10 pcs)


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