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Behind the Scenes of a Cosmetics Photo Shoot

Here at HQ, we are busily preparing for our upcoming launch. Trust me when I tell you that there’s a lot to be done when launching Australia’s hottest new online cosmetics store. My favourite task right now? Our upcoming photo shoot… We’ll be using these images in our online launch party and for future marketing, so needless to say, the end results absolutely must be brilliant.

Our photographer needs to be able to encapsulate emotion in a mere second to create photographs that move people, photographs that tell a visual story and make it jump out at you from the pages of a glossy magazine. When I came across this particular photographer, strong, dynamic lines and sculptured surfaces stared back at me from his photos. From the hundreds of portfolios we’d browsed, this one stood out and connected with me. Just wait until you see the works of art he’ll create.

Hair and Makeup artist…check!
We’ve chosen someone that is not only internationally accredited and extremely talented but also wishes to change the distorted view of beauty to one of empowerment, self-confidence and individuality. This talented artist has been shaking up inner city Melbourne with a distinctive mix of bridal couture, cult attire and sensuous glamour. We can’t wait to see her in action.

Models booked…check!
The process for choosing exactly the right girls for this upcoming shoot was never going to be easy. She needs to be modern, ahead of her time and a leader – yet romantic and soft all at the same time. Someone who is a tangible expression of the strong, independent woman, the warrior for the earth that our brand represents. We’ve narrowed down a long list of lovelies to find our perfect mix of unique, natural, radiant beauties – each one beautiful in her own way. Believe me when I say this – they’re absolutely GORGEOUS!

Secret location…check!
I can’t give away too much on this one, at least for now. All I can say is that true beauty cannot be contained! There is nothing quite like an expanse of blue sky stretching across the horizon and fresh, salty breezes… Our models are in for an amazing adventure ahead, this is going to be an experience they won’t easily forget.
There’s still so much left to go when organising a photoshoot. Anything could happen, so we need to be completely prepared. I’ll need to start working on wardrobes and look books next, so stay tuned for more updates!

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